Friday, September 9, 2011


Wow, I forgot how much the beginning of the year wears me out! I have been getting to school super early and leaving super late. Then there's that part in between with the kiddos and all. Can't forget about that...Despite staying this late and doing this much, I still feel so behind and still have so much to do. Oh well, things will get better, right?

In other news, the in-laws are in town! They live out of the country, so when they are "in town," it's kind of a big deal. We went to Pappasito's, a delicious Tex-Mex restaurant. We had fajitas, yum! When they're in town, it always means good food and good fun. We'll probably be seeing them again soon. I wonder what we'll be eating...

I am SO glad it's Friday!

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