Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Painkiller Funnies

So, Zach working in retail around Christmas time, was not able to get much time off for my surgery (in Dec 2011). In fact, he was only able to get the day of my surgery off. I thought that was a little ridiculous of his work (I mean come on, I had spinal surgery, right?!?), but we made it work anyway with help from my parents. I had a late night after surgery and didn't make it to my room until around midnight. The next morning, Zach had to leave for work. I was just a little a lot emotional from the anesthesia and painkillers (I had a pump people! Yeah!). I wanted to put in contacts so I could see, and my glasses were not the right prescription. I couldn’t do it because I was still attached to a million things, including something that would beep and alert the nurses every single time I moved my hand. My face was also very swollen. So Zach was trying his hardest, but couldn’t get my contacts in. I told him, crying of course, “You can’t leave me like this!” (In his defense he wasn’t leaving me, my parents would be coming later that morning) Haha, he finally got them in for me thank goodness!  Then I realized I had double vision, so I had a good cry about that too. I had them bring me an eye patch (Argh!) and that took care of the problem until the double vision wore off a couple of hours later.
Later that day, I was trying to play with my phone. (I think my parents had left, or they hadn’t come?) Playing on your phone can be really difficult when you keep nodding off to sleep and when your eyes keep drifting in and out of focus. A completely harmless activity, you would think though. Oh no, not while on painkillers! So I opened up my Groupon App (Oooh, Groupon. I must have been desperate…)  and looked at the day’s deals. Before I really realized what I was doing, the app thanked me for my purchase. What?!? Purchase? I bought a deal for skydiving for 2, for $249! Okay, I just had surgery on my spine and bought a deal for skydiving, haha. I cried to Zach later when he got off work, and I told him what I’d done. The next day I called them, and they took it off no problem. I was so ready to pull out the “I just had spinal surgery.” card, but it wasn’t necessary. Thanks Groupon!

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