Thursday, June 13, 2013

Parking Lot Conversations

Well, things got a bit crazy in my last couple of weeks at school. Packing up a classroom is something that sucks more than I realize every year. I took a few things home to our storage unit (where I keep books I am hoarding but not using and stuff too advanced for my firsties). Anyway, as I was packing the car I had a yelling-across-the-parking-lot conversation with my principal. It went a little like this: (Keep in mind this is all yelling. I will spare you the all caps…)

Principal: Bye Melinda! Are you taking everything home?         

Me: No. I’m just taking a few things. I didn't want anything to get stolen. (Contractors are coming in to work on the AC, and they told us that certain things could be stolen, so just be prepared.)

Principal: Well I think they want something they can sell, not to draw on. Well, see you tomorrow!

Haha! I thought that was pretty funny. I think I did bring a couple of things too many, but I have paid way too much money and time for some of that stuff for it to get ruined or stolen. In my defense, I only took the small easel that she was referring to because there wasn’t anywhere in my classroom to store it. It doesn’t fold and it is very wide. Oh well!

Here are a few pictures of my packed up room.




I will not miss it! I’m so glad it’s summer! Within the next couple of days I’ll do a post on our trip to Wimberley. That was another reason I couldn’t post.

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