Sunday, May 8, 2011

Been a While

I know it's been a long time (huge understatement!) since I last blogged, but I'm back. I do have a good reason for my long hiatus. I got a teaching job! Praise the Lord, I was hired at the very beginning of August and have been going non-stop since then. I'm working at a charter school teaching first grade. In August, I would have told you that I wanted to be at a public school. However, I can see the big picture now and I'm almost certain that I would have been let go by default as a first year teacher. I'm fortunate to be at a school that is not taking a big hit by all the school budget cuts. While I am still waiting to meet with my principal about renewing my contract, I am hopeful that I should still have a place at my school. I'm just going to trust that God still knows the big picture and that He's going to put me where I need to be.

I am definitely counting the days left until summer. I need a break; my 25 kids need a break! I can't wait until summer! My husband and I definitely have some big plans up our sleeves. We're hoping to visit his parents in England for a couple of weeks. I'm super excited about that. I love Europe, but it's been a while since I've been there. I make it sound like I visit there frequently, but I've only been to Germany once and England once. I've also got a ton of stuff do do for my classroom. I'm going to attempt to make some felt storyboards and some other centers and knick-knacks. I also want to take up sewing. I guess I'll need a sewing machine before I do that...

Anyway, kudos if you're still reading! Now that I'm caught up, hopefully my next post will be more entertaining.

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