Friday, June 3, 2011

Feeling Crafty

Well it's day 2 into my summer vacation and I was feeling the need to cover this box (that I've been saving for a couple of months) to use in our bathroom to contain the clutter. I used a red box from a gift set I received, and covered it with wrapping paper and card stock to match our bathroom.

Here is the result:

No, this is not our bathroom. It's our living room. A lot of things in our apartment are green and brown... Anyway, I'm pretty pleased with the results, especially since I'm not very talented in the crafting/artsy area. However, I was thinking that I should seal it somehow since it will be in the bathroom. Any suggestions as to what I should use? Modge Podge? Ha, I've heard of that but I don't actually know what it is. So yes, please assist.

Speaking of crafts and time off from my little firsties, these are some projects I would like to do this summer:
  • Make/buy a ton of felt stories. I LOVE this Etsy site and all the things she has for felt stories. There is no way I can make them look this good.
  • Laminate and make literacy centers.
  • Find cheap headphones and personal CD players for a listening center.
  • Make a felt board. (This really means get my husband to make one, which he has already happily volunteered to do.)
  • Organize our closet and the laundry "closet". Sadly the 2 feet of space between the washer and dryer has become storage for our clean clothes. It's just impossible to hang anything up when the closet is so disorganized, and it's impossible to organize the closet when there is one tiny closet for the entire apartment. We have NO storage. Ha, we're storing our wok in the drawer under the dryer...
  • Organize the pantry/spice cabinet. (No idea how to tackle this one.)
  • Take up sewing?
Well we shall see what projects get accomplished. First on the list will be the pile of clean laundry.

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